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How to Use Infant Forehead Thermometer

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Infants are notorious for being difficult when it comes to taking their temperature. An infant’s temperature may need to be taken several times in their first year due to a variety of causes such as teething fevers, illness or overheating.

Having a thermometer product that makes it easy and gives an accurate temperature makes the process painless for both the parent and infant. The Forehead Thermometer give parents an accurate temperature in about 1 seconds and have both Celsius and Fahrenheit readings.

Those with fevers often feel too ill to hold a thermometer in their mouths, and if they suffer from an earache, an ear thermometer may not be tolerated. Your OPTION: use a forehead thermometer. These use the surface temperature of the artery on the forehead to determine the presence of a fever. The temperature of the forehead (temporal) artery does not change if the person eats or drinks and it more closely reflects true body temperature than oral, armpit or ear thermometers. Proper use of your temporal thermometer ensures you get the most accurate results.

The Forehead Thermometer should be held in place for 3–5cm for an accurate reading. Rycom thermometer will keep 30 sets scan record. It easy to monitor your baby temperature.