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Parant how to treat a Baby’s Fever

Fever is a protection for the body. An elevation in body temperature may mean there is an infection somewhere in the body. If you suspect your child has a fever, simply putting your hand to his forehead isn’t enough. You must get an accurate measurement of his fever. No matter what the thermometer reads, a baby’s fever concerns her parents.

The good is most fevers are not serious. Babies may get a fever when teething or from a common cold. Next time your baby has a fever, follow these steps to help your baby stay cool and comfortable.

Take the temperature using a quality, reliable thermometer. Such as: non contact thermometer, ear thermometer and digital thermometer. See “How to choose different type of thermometers” in our before article.

Consider your baby’s overall condition. Doctors use to consider the temperature, now look at factors such as appetite, thirst and skin color. Also, your child’s pediatrician will ask about his temperament, inquiring whether he seems typically happy or out of sorts.

Keep your child cool and hydrated. A bath in lukewarm water, lightweight clothing and plenty of fluids will comfort your baby.

Stay in until the fever comes down. Keep baby in the house, avoiding visitors and vigorous activity because rest is very important to heal. Use this time to spend quality time with your baby reading books, singing songs and playing with blocks or other quiet toys.