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How to Handle a Fever During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, a common cold or the flu can be a lot more serious. Not only must you avoid taking many medications to treat the illness, but an untreated cold or fever can lead to complications in the pregnancy, including pre-term labor, miscarriage or birth defects. Though minor fevers can be treated with comfort measures at home, you should consult a doctor if your fever persists or gets too high.

Take your temperature often. Rycom infrared thermometer have 30 sets memory that can track your temperature. If your fever reaches 101 F, you should call your doctor. Fevers can spike unexpectedly, so it is important to check your temperature at regular intervals. Besides, mercury thermometer maybe make you uncomfortable, because you should keep it 5 or 10 minutes. Rycom infrared thermometer will solve this problem. You will got your temperature after 1 seconds.

Drink plenty of water. Fevers can be dehydrating, and becoming dehydrated during pregnancy can lead to complications, including minor symptoms like nausea or more serious problems like pre-term labor. Keep a bottle of water nearby and sip it regularly to stay well-hydrated.

Keep yourself at a comfortable temperature. Wear a light layer of clothing or cover yourself in a light blanket. Turn a fan on in the room, but don’t let it blow directly on you. Put a cool compress or washcloth on your forehead. Take a lukewarm bath. BabyCenter says that it is important that you don’t become overheated or too cold. If you become too cold, it could cause your temperature to spike.

Get plenty of rest. Your body is doing a lot of hard work growing your baby, which can be tiring by itself. When you are fighting an infection and have a fever, you can become even more tired. Get plenty of sleep at night and take naps as necessary throughout the day to get through the illness and get your energy back faster.

Eat comforting foods. hot oatmeal, plain pasta, dry toast and mashed potatoes can make you feel better since they are soothing to your stomach and give you energy. Just stay away from fatty or greasy foods, which could cause nausea.