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How to choose different type of thermometers?

1. Mercury thermometer

It is no longer considered safe, especially for use in children. If you still have one left over from when you were a child, you will have to dispose of it at a household hazardous waste collection facility. Many communities hold hazardous waste collection days. Contact your local sanitization department or health department for more information. If you break a glass thermometer, call your local poison control center immediately.


2. Digital thermometer

Regular digital thermometers use electronic heat sensors to record body temperature. These thermometers can be used in the rectum, mouth or armpit.

If you buy one of these, look for one that has a flexible tip and a wide base. and do not mix it when used in different place.

The cons:

You need to wait 1 minutes to get the results. It is especially difficult for children.


3. forehead thermometer

They use infrared technology to scan and measure the temperature of the temporal artery on the forehead. Since you don’t need to actually touch your baby, they’re not only the safest and most convenient, but they’re very accurate, and they’re also used in hospitals.

The cons:

The price is most expensive in all thermometer


4. Ear thermometer

Ear thermometer quick and generally comfortable for children and adults.

The cons:

Digital ear thermometers aren’t recommended for newborns.
Earwax or a small, curved ear canal can interfere with the accuracy of a temperature taken with a digital ear thermometer.