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Baby’s Fever you need to konw

When your baby is acting fussy and feels warm to the touch, it’s easy to worry, but your little one may not be seriously ill. Recent immunizations, teething and even overdressing your infant can bring on fevers. Taking your baby’s temperature can help you determine whether it is a simple low-grade fever working to fight off an infection or a higher, more dangerous temp. A baby’s temperature can be taken orally, rectally or under the arm


Taking Your Baby’s Temperature

The temperature of the forehead more closely reflects true body temperature than oral, armpit or ear thermometers. Proper use of your non contact thermometer ensures you get the most accurate results.

Just wait one second until the the beeps if you are using a non contact thermometer. Read the number on the thermometer. It have 30 sets memory. you can track your baby’s temperature in a period .


Accessing the Baby’s Temperature

Call the doctor if your baby is younger than three months and has a temperature above 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit, if your baby is over three months with a temperature of higher than 102.2 or if your baby’s fever lasts longer than three days (72 hours).

Seek MEDICAL treatment immediately if your baby has trouble breathing or is breathing more rapidly than normal; is lethargic, unusually sleepy or difficult to awaken; refuses to eat or drink and has fewer wet diapers, which is a sign of dehydration; vomits or has a seizure.

Determine other reasons for your baby’s fussiness if his TEMPERATURE is between 98.0 and 99.0, as this is a normal temperature.

Offer lots of fluids to drink if your baby’s temperature is slightly elevated but not high enough to call a doctor. Give her acetaminophen or ibuprofen according to your pediatrician’s recommendations, if desired.

Take your baby’s temperature again in 30 minutes to assess any changes. Call your pediatrician or seek medical care if his temperature has not decreased or has gotten higher.