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How to got Baby’s Temperature Rectally

Fever is a protection for the body. An elevation in body temperature may mean there is an infection somewhere in the body. If you suspect your child has a fever, simply putting your hand to his forehead isn’t enough. You must get an accurate measurement of his fever. Taking a child’s temperature rectally, especially if he is an infant, is the best way to ensure a precise measurement. Read on to learn how to do.

1. Use Mercury thermometer
Put it on your baby’s Armpit or Anus. Remove the thermometer gently when you hear the beep or tone indicating that the temperature is ready, or if three minutes has passed.

Note the temperature, the time of day and how active your baby was at the time.

Wash your hands and the thermometer thoroughly. You may wish to swab the thermometer with rubbing alcohol. Store it in a dry location at room temperature.

2, Use forehead thermometer

Aim it to your baby forehead core area, keep the distance 3 or 5 cm. You will get the result after 1 second. If baby catch a fever, you can move to their navel to scan. Since you don’t need to actually touch your baby, they’re not only the safest and most convenient, but they’re very accurate, and they’re also used in hospitals. For more details, you can see our models.

Our item can record 32 sets data. You can monitor your baby’s temperature in a period.